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Phone: 304-754-9854 . Located in Martinsburg West Virginia, near Harpers Ferry.




   I love working on classics . They are history and art , and need to be properly restored and preserved to be passed down to future generations of sons , daughters, nieces and nephews. I am conscientious and reliable , and understand that your car is 'your baby' and you don't trust just anybody to work on it . I will special order any paint you want and quote you a fair price . I will drive to you , and provide a free estimate at your location or home .

 Completed Projects Photo Albums

1970 Buick Gran Sport Rally Stage 1

1974 Chevy Caprice Topless Hardtop conversion


1980 Chevrolet Camaro



1969 Corvette - custom rear



1965 Ford Mustang




1969 Green Camaro


1995 Black Honda Acura


School Bus



1968 Chevy Camaro Convertible - shaved doors

   I have a 60 ft. long outbuilding with a 12' wide x 12' high entrance, on my property that I use as my Custom Paint Booth and garage service bay. Paint booth rental is available for experienced painters.

   I will color match your fender, or do your collectible vintage car inside and out. No job too big or too small to be painted. But I will not paint your rust bucket or junker, you're better off going to maaaco. I will paint cars, trucks, motorcycle, semis, bus, campers, tractor trailers, vans or boats that require a nice or high quality auto paint job. You prep it and I will tape it and spray it.

   I do chrome dipping and plating on premise, including gold, silver, nickel and copper. I will dip or plate any item from rusted bumpers to jewelry.

   I have apprenticed with an expert auto upholsterer and I do my own upholstery restorations. I also do custom fiberglass work. My clients expect old school, high quality workmanship and that is what I deliver.

   I am a welder. I do my own cutting, welding repair, rust removal, metal fabrication, sandblasting and custom auto body work, like a chopped roof , add a hood scoop , flared fenders , or shaved doors. I will replace rusted floorpans and panels. Cut out and fix the rusty holes in your fenders, and weld in new metal. I'm willing to barter my skills. Always looking to work with other car hobby motorheads that are into the Classics .

Please call Mike Lombard at 304-754-9854 , anytime between 8am-11pm EST. Located in Martinsburg W. Va., zipcode 25401 near Harpers Ferry area.

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 OK, enough about business.

November , 2010 - My newest baby! This is my own personal pet project. When I found this car a couple of weeks ago, I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest. I could not believe my good fortune. I will add more pics as the restoration progresses. This is just the first series 12/12/2010.


1941 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet Convertible coupe V12

'41 Lincoln V12



update 12/02/2011


update 4/27/2012


update 6/09/2012



update 6/13/12



update 7/10/12


2 Year Anniversary Dec. 2012


Update 1/31/13


Update 4/24/13




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